We work with health and wellness coordinators, HR, and building/facility managers to schedule site visits. Employees choose the time that works best for them and book online. Employees continue working until
their appointment time and return to work with a beautiful smile!

Our offices stay local, so if you have a dental emergency while we are not at your location, you can drive to see us like you would for a traditional dental office. Please call 972-905-1359 during office hours for immediate assistance, Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm. Outside of office hours, please leave a message and we will follow-up the following business day.

We are an in-network provider with most PPO’s.Text us to find out. 972-905-1359

Inside our state of the art mobile facility, we have everything necessary to provide the same level of dental care you would find at a traditional office. Using the latest technology, we provide a  full range of dental treatment, including preventive care, cleanings, digital  X-rays, whitening, cosmetic procedures, Invisalign, and surgical treatment.

Getting to the dentist is a challenge. Travel and wait time makes the average appointment time 3-4 hours, causing the loss of a half-day of work. We make dental visits easy by bringing the dentist to you. It’s a zero-cost additional employee benefit that can save the employee and employer time and money.

Dental care in a full-size mobile dental office offers the same level of care you can receive in a traditional office and fits with your schedule. Mobile dentistry has been around for decades and has been used to treat employees at their workplace since the late 1990’s. The concept is simple: instead of making the patient come to us, we come to you.

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